Floor Plans : Top 5 Benefits You Cannot Just Ignore

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Real estate is an on and off business but no matter how good the market is, doing whatever you can to improve your listings will help you sell your house fast. And for a good price. A real estate listing already takes a lot of work but there are features that you can. Floor plans are one way to improve just about any real estate listing.  Why do floor plans make a difference?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of floor plans:

1. Directing Attention

Studies have shown that buyers are likely to want a floor plan with their lists. At least 2 in 4 buyers wants to see a floor plan before their attention is really grabbed by a listing. While some might consider the listing after looking at others that have a floor plan, others say that they would completely ignore the listing. The last thing that you want is for potential buyers to skip your listing because you skipped getting a potential selling point for your listing.

Floor Plans

2. Improve Buyer Imagination

A floor plan allows potential buyers to visualize their house from another viewpoint. They can imagine how they could set up the house and plan every room. It also helps them to imagine the different layouts they could have.  If they want to make a change to the house they can also visualize it. From knocking down walls to making additions to the building, you can see it all from a floor plan. Some people even print out floor plans so that they can draw different pieces of furniture or get a better visualization of how they imagine their new home being. Imagination can be one of the best selling points.

3. Actualize The House

Actualizing the size and layout of a house can’t easily be done from pictures. Virtualizations /digital walkthroughs can only do so much too. A floor plan really helps the potential buyer get an idea of how the house actually is. Your visitors will be able to know the size of rooms, the layout, and be able to associate the pictures with something. This is especially important for buyers who are from out of town.

Getting an actualized view of the listing isn’t only about being able to visualize. It also helps buyers to decide if a listing is right for them. They want to know they are getting the house the expect and a real view via a floor plan helps to ensure them that they are getting what they want. The last thing that you want is to have an unhappy buyer.

4. Looking Professional

A floor plan adds to your real estate listing and makes you look professional. The more features you have to your listing the more attention it looks like you pay to your job. The more attention you pay to the job, the more professional you will look. People really prefer to work with professional real estate agents who know what they are doing and showing that you know what you are doing before you ever meet a client or buyer can set you up for a win.

5. Making A Listing Memorable

When a floor plan is listed on a real estate listing it makes the listing memorable. Not every listing has a floor plan but those that do, stick in people’s mind. All of the benefits listed above are noticed by potential buyers whether they realize it or not. Seeing a layout that one likes will help them to keep the listing in mind. It will help to prevent you from getting the questions of “what was the layout again?” or “what listing are you talking about?”

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Floor Plans Do More Sales – Yes, It`s True!

Adding a floor plan to a real estate listing has become far easier than it used to be. And as a real estate agent, you already know that anything you can do to enhance your listing is worth it. You can easily and affordably get a floor plan from one of many companies online. Just make sure that you go with a reliable company so that you get that quality real estate floor plan that you expect. The better the floor plan, the better your listing will appear.

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