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  • For 2D or 3D Floor Plan / 3D Exterior / 3D Interior (images or pictures or sketch plans or blueprints or Elevations or, CAD or PDF files)
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Draw 2D Floor Plans : Importance

Article by Sandy Smith

An apartment without a well designed 2D floor plan is not complete. A floor plan is  a scaled diagram which may depict building, a single floor in the building or the entire building. It is very useful when it comes to design layout, furniture layout and most importantly to real estate agent and companies in helping them find potential buyers for the properties to be sold or rented. There are reasons why floor plans are invaluable when it come to selling of properties either by agent or companies, these reasons may include:

INCREASES IN THE SALE OF THE PROPERTIES : research has it that buyer today are more inclined to buy properties with a floor plan as this show the total description of the property the potential buyer has in mind. In fact it’s at the top of the list for buyer`s today; many buyers are ready to make immediate payment after going through the floor plan of the property of a building auctioned for sales. (Draw 2D Floor Plans)

TO CONVINCE THE BUYER: buyer are more inclined to go for a property that really fits their needs and this can be done using a floor plan rendering which help them to visualize the layout of the room and help them understand the flow the entire properties in the building. The dimension also gives a sense to the buyer, influencing the purchase of the property

IT SAVES BOTH THE BUYER AND SELLER TIME: seller usually don’t want to waste time selling properties to buyer who are not serious and convince about what they want or are not satisfied with the kind of layout they are looking for, but with the help of a floor plan a buyer can easily be convince of the property offered for sale as it give the buyer a complete and well detailed description of the entire building.  From the buyer perspective, time is saved as the buyer doesn’t need to view photographs if the floor plan is available to describe the entire features of the house. So the time of the seller and the buyer is both saved.

It also helps the buyer to visualize the entire floor plan in cases of any future alterations to the structure of the building.

IT ENCOURAGES AND FOSTER THE INTEREST OF BUYER: most potential buyer are usually influenced by what they see, a well prepared floor can go along way of convincing a potential buyer to get a property offered for sale.