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Draw 3D Exteriors : Importance

Article by Sandy Smith

With all of today’s advancements in the area of animation and virtual reality, only a few industries have not felt the impact of these innovations, as the architectural field has had its own fair share. Hand rendering and manually drawn perspective views are no longer fashionable as clients are continuously demanding for 3D exterior and interior views that have appearances similar to photographs of the finished building.

There are lots of benefits which 3D exterior renderings and modeling bring to any architectural project.

  • Effective communication with clients:

It is imperative for architects to deliver to their clients the exact specification they desire for their building. There is often a gap between the needs of a client and an understanding by the architect of that need. This makes the end result quite different from what the client actually expects. That gap is eliminated when tools for 3D rendering are used.  When a 3D exterior design view is presented to a client, he will have a better understanding of the architectural features and materials used in the building and will accurately anticipate the overall effect they will impact on the aesthetics of the design. In the event of any deviations from his requirements, modifications can be effected easily at that stage instead of when the building has been constructed.

  • Identification of Design flaws:

The design of any building project is usually a sophisticated one and so it is usually difficult to completely visualize with just two-dimensional drawings. When a 3D exterior rendering of the design is generated, it makes it easier to view it from all angle and many design errors which would have been ignored will be fished out and properly corrected before construction work will begin. This will help in cutting down on unnecessary costs and also reduce the time spent on construction.

  • Improves marketability of the project:

3D exterior renderings have enormous advantages when it comes to the marketability of a project. Firstly, it gives the architect an edge when convincing a client of his competence in delivering a good job. Again, real estate developers rely on 3D renderings to gain the interest of prospective stakeholders while persuading them to invest in the project. 3D exterior renderings have become indispensable when showcasing a project (condos, apartments) to potential customers.

Having a snap shot of the exterior of a building is not the only benefit that 3D rendering brings to the table. A new concept known as walkthrough is now in vogue to make clients have a better understanding of the final product. A walk through is akin to a movie shot from a series of rendered images which allows movement in and around a building while studying it as though in a real life situation. This technology has revolutionized the industry as nothing comes close to experiencing buildings as though in real life as walkthroughs give a better understanding of the look and feel of a design. (Draw 3D Exteriors)

With these benefits it is easy to understand why exterior 3D renderings have become an important tool. As building designs become increasingly dependent on computer technology, it is easy to predict that it will continue to be so for a very long time.